About Us

Established in April 2019


Our Mission is to have every African find themself through our brand by putting forward our cultural heritage and showcasing our unique fabric.
Established in April 2019, My Roots Handmade is a handmade shoe company located in Douala, Cameroon. We highlight the beauty of the African fabrics such as NDOP, BOGOLAN, FASO DAN FANI, KENTE, BAOULE and more, by working with noble African textiles to offer you the highest quality and original shoes made individually by hand.
My Roots which means in french « mes racines » was chosen as a way of interpellation and to remind you to always remember where you come from.
Every pair of shoe is handmade, cut, and sewn from fabrics made on the continent's soil; with high respects paid to the rich textile heritage and local craftsmanship spread well throughout its border.
To us, My Roots Handmade is more than just a shoe company. Via My Roots we are  promoting Africa’s fabric that is slowly going away because we are continuing to give more value to the « wax » which is not from Africa; we put pride in the fact that we are feeding a whole community that only lives from hand weaving textiles but more importantly we are saving a huge cultural heritage that our great grand parents started for us and that we hope will stay around for many generations to come. My Roots Handmade is for every African who has asked themself the question,


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